About H4H

Welcome to the Handwriting For Heroes support site!  This site is designed to provide the following

  • Therapists can contact Kristin and Kathleen, the authors of the H4H book
  • Patients can find a therapist in their area that uses the H4H method
  • Therapists and patients can see before-and-after studies
  • Therapists and patients can try new motivational exercises

Please contact us for more information. Members of the media may also like to read the press release.

2 thoughts on “About H4H”

  1. HI
    I have a 13yo with poor handwriting, he is functionally at an 8yo level because of his alcohol exposure before birth. Is this program useful to help with his kind of issues? Right now he can write somewhat legably but im also teaching him to type but this program came up in a feed and I thought it might be worth a try.

    1. Hi Joyce!
      Thank you for your post and question.
      Since our research on the Handwriting For Heroes book was done with adults with limb amputation, we don’t actually know if this program could help with the 13 y/o client who you are working. However, we do suspect that there may be some generalized benefits which would translate into improved writing performance. We believe those benefits come from (a) daily practice, (b) repetition in the exercises that allow him (and you) to see his daily/weekly changes, (c) the words he will copy are encouraging, (d) there is a psychosocial component included in the workbook that allows the client to put their progress into perspective, (e) there is homework included to encourage follow through to the learning gained each day.
      If you end up working this program with the young client, please keep us up-to-date, as we would love to have your feedback. Think if it as a mini-case study and we’d be interested in your results.
      Thanks again and feel free to write again if you have additional questions.

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