Actual Handwriting Results

On this page you’ll find some results of clients work-in-progress with the Handwriting For Heroes method.

We hope these anecdotes will show that the method produces real progress and that they will encourage therapists and clients to forge ahead in their training. These weren’t included in the manual so as not to create arbitrary expectations of progress.  It’s hard enough to remain positive about your own work without comparing it to other people’s results.

Client Examples (full pages scanned in PDF)

Here’s a snip of a halph-a-bet (half the alphabet!) exercise:


5 thoughts on “Actual Handwriting Results”

  1. I am 7 days in on your workbook, and just did the letters-per-minute assessment. It refers me to your website for normative values — I have looked all over and used search function and am unable to find anything. Could you please advise?

    1. Hi Karen,

      I’ve asked Kristin and Katie to get back with me on some figures. I hope they have some figures gathered from recent clients. This is a new feature for the Third Edition, so we’ve only been collecting data for less than a year on the LPMs.

      Victor R. Volkman, President
      L H Press Inc.

  2. I am also wondering about the list of normative grade level values. I would like to set a personal goal for next week.

    1. Hi Kim,
      This is our most frequently asked question, however we have not yet been able to assemble a response, I regret to report.

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