Hand Dominance Retraining Presentation


A presentation by Katie Yancosek at the Philadelphia Hand Rehabilitation Foundation 12th Annual Hand Surgery Symposium 2010.

One thought on “Hand Dominance Retraining Presentation”

  1. So, based on what your slides purport, left-handed people shouldn’t try to do hand dominance transfer and therapists shouldn’t bother trying to help innate left-handed people with injuries in their left hand?

    I am hear to tell you that as someone who writes with the left-hand, I can do many other functions with my right hand. In particular, using the computer mouse is something that I PREFER to do do with my right hand, because I learned to use the mouse with right hand. Last year I actually had carpal tunnel syndrome in right hand and tried to switch to left and it was DIFFICULT.

    Other left-handed people I know (who use their right hand for many things, but write with left-hand) report the same regarding the computer mouse.

    Please don’t suggest that left-handed people can’t have HDT. This is not correct. And it’s possible your writing may influence therapists to not try as hard with innate left-handed patients.

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