Recruiting your Dendrites

As you begin the difficult task of transferring dominance, give yourself permission to acknowledge the following statements:

  •  This will take a big commitment of my time and energy.
  •  I will be clumsy at controlling the pencil.
  •  My handwriting will NOT be neat.

Return to these statements as often as necessary to recommit to this process. Also, rely on your Occupational Therapist, (OT), to provide direction, should you be struggling in a specific task. The OT is the expert therapist trained in hand function, including the fine motor control
you will need to successfully transfer your hand skill. If you do not have an OT, you have email access to one at

A final note of caution: this is a six week process. You should work each day for six weeks, until you have mastered the basic skills of cursive writing.

Handwriting, like all tasks, improves with daily repetition. Repetition is built into this program in order to help your brain and hand coordinate the smooth, quick motions needed for legible cursive writing. The program’s format is also designed to give you visual feedback of your daily progress. There are 12 exercises for each day, and you will always need to devote a week’s worth of work for each exercise. The reward will be to see your own daily improvements.

Strive to go beyond yesterday’s level. Don’t expect perfection. Allow yourself room for improvement. This takes a long-term mental and emotional, as well as physical commitment!

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    I have purchased your book for my client but now cannot find the normsl for letters per minute. I see in the book you indicate it is on your website. Can you please provide?


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