Ohio to begin teaching kids to write in cursive again; should Michigan follow?

It’s a debate that rages on and rages in schools and in homes: should kids know how to write in cursive?

The art of writing in cursive has faded in American schools as computers become more prominent. But some believe it’s a skill kids should have regardless.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed into law this week House Bill 58, which says curriculum will be developed to teach children in kindergarten through fifth grade how to write in cursive.

It would also require students be able to print letters legibly by the end of third grade and write in cursive by the end of the fifth grade.

Some Michigan schools still teach cursive, but most have taken it out of the curriculum.


Handless 7-year-old wins national writing competition

Virginia first-grader Anaya Ellick, 7, has such good handwriting, she beat out 50 other youngsters from around the country to win a national handwriting contest.   Please read the full story here

Feedback from Hand Therapy Week 2015

Handwriting for Heroes, 3rd Edition
Handwriting for Heroes, 3rd Edition

It is our greatest privilege to give back to the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) community through our participation in the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) sponsored Hand Therapy Week (June 2015).  As part of this, LHP gave away 30 copies of Handwriting For Heroes to randomly chosen participants of HTW 2015.

Porter Cole writes:

I wanted to share some feedback we received from an ASHT member. Please see below:

From Stacy Hite:

I received an unexpected gift for participating in Hand Therapy Week this year. Loving Healing Press, Inc. (www.lovinghealing.com) sent a copy of Handwriting for Heroes: Learn to Write with Your Non-Dominant Hand in Six Weeks. The book has been so much fun! It was a resource for my patients that I did not know was available. More importantly, I felt my participation in Hand Therapy Week was noticed and important, which inspires me to continue to contribute.