What can I do to improve after completing Handwriting For Heroes course?

Handwriting for Heroes, 3rd Edition
Handwriting for Heroes, 3rd Edition

We love to get questions from readers:
Recently someone asked about what to do to keep writing after she completed the entire Handwriting for Heroes workbook. What a WONDERFUL question! This question means two important things: (1) she finished the program successfully and (2) she wants to write MORE!

A few of our writing activity suggestions include

  1. Copy a favorite quote, poem, or spiritual mantra each day. *You can choose a new one each day, or copy a favorite until you have it memorized!*,
  2. Copy a new recipe onto a large notecard and build your recipe library,
  3. Write a card to a friend or family member
  4. Buy a lovely journal and start to jot down your thoughts, dreams, ideas each day,
  5. Use that same lovely journal and write down 3 things each day that you’re grateful for
  6. Create a handwriting time capsule and mail it to yourself or a family member with a note on the envelope that states the approved OPEN date (it’s fun to make it at least 5 to 10 years in the future)
  7. Turn on an instructional or inspirational video on YouTube and take notes (*if you need to pause the video so you can keep up, feel free. There are SO many things to learn*)
  8. Copy down the lyrics of your favorite inspirational song
  9. Feel free to go back through Handwriting for Heroes and re-do any of the homework activities that interest you.

Yours truly,

Katie Yancosek


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